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Last Sonic Frontier

X-rights is glad to announce a new cutting edge and innovative catalog in its roster: Last Sonic Frontier.

Founded by Alessandro Camnasio, Last Sonic Frontier is a premium boutique label specialized in creating music and sound design for Blockbuster Hollywood trailers, television and videogames advertising campaigns.

Last Sonic Frontier combines the knowledge gained through the research in the fields of experimental, art and electro-acoustic music with a deep understanding of modern trailers, with a team of composers and sound designers who stand out for their skills and originality.

Last Sonic Frontier tracks and sound design have been featured in movie trailers like Gemini Man, Avengers "Endgame", Spiderman "Far from Home", Jonh Wick 3, Carnival Row, IT, Underwater, Mad Max, Midway.

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BBGH Music

X-rights is glad to announce a new shiny catalog in its roster: BBGH Music.

BBGH presents a thoughtfully curated catalogue of original music created from the imaginations of Brad Breeck and Gabriel Hays.

A full-service music boutique offering everything you would expect like pop and rock, EDM, and cinematic, as well as unexpected gems like barn stormin’ country folk and back-to-the-2000s new retro rock.

BBGH tracks have been used in many Disney and Dreamworks cartoons like Voltron, Gravity Falls, We Bare Bears, Fan Boy and Chum Chum, Robot and Monster, Star Darlings, Whisker Haven Tales, Pickle and Peanut, but also Apple, Google and Toyota 's Tv commercials.

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Imagine Music

X-rights is glad to announce a new exciting catalog in its roster: Imagine Music.

Founded in 2014, Imagine Music is the first and only one russian trailer music catalog, it consides hundreds of trailer tracks in different genres and styles, composed by a top skilled and talented international composers team.

Imagine Music tracks was used in many Hollywood film trailers like "Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters", "Sicario 2: Soldato" and "Baby Driver".

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Float Music

X-rights is glad to announce a new brillant catalog in its roster: Float Music.

Float Music are a UK based collective releasing consistently fresh, imaginative and inspiring production music.

Not afraid to push boundaries and offer something different, the one rule Float Music lives by is to only put out the highest quality, artist-lead tracks.

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Ninja Tracks

X-rights is glad to announce a new exciting catalog in its roster: Ninja Tracks.

Ninja Tracks is a music production company based in Los Angeles, CA. specializing in high-end original music and sound design for film and videogame advertising, as well as musical scores for both feature films and videogames.

Ninja Tracks brandishes a unique artistic style and sensibility that has become a veritable force in the industry and the first choice for film studios, directors, producers and creative marketing teams to create cutting edge and memorable scores for their advertising campaigns.

Ninja Tracks music is featured in most famous movie trailers like Marvel's Black Panther, Spider-man: Homecoming, Doctor Strange, Star Wars Battlefront II, Ready Player One, Clint Eastwood's 15:17 To Paris, The Mummy, Arrival, Lion, Mad Max Fury Road and many others.

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I'm Not a Machine

X-rights is glad to announce a new exceptional english label in its roster: I'm not a Machine.

I'm not a Machine features some of the best young underground artists in the industry, film scoring composers and eclectic electronica producers like Modifier, nominated at the latest Music Production Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Electronic Track.

I’m not a Machine is all about the authentic and distinct sound that you can't find anywhere else.

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Addictive Tracks

X-rights is glad to announce a new exciting production music label in its roster: Addictive Tracks.

Lovingly created by a fantastic bunch of award-winning composers and musicians, many of whom are chart success as composers for Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, tour musicians with Sting, Madonna, Noel Gallagher, Neneh Cherry and even score international movie soundtracks like Mamma Mia.

World-class music by world-class producers.

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Weapons Of Mass Percussion

Are you ready to Hit it!!? Here we go with a new exciting release from Sauce Music.

Weapons of Mass Percussion is an eclectic mix of drums and percussion from classic rock, jazz & swing to hip-hop, tribal and quirky. Crash bang wallop!

17 tracks full of rhythm, dynamic and swing, played by tireless octopus drummers and percussionists, ready to be synched to sports, cartoons, action and adventure productions.

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Listen "Beastie Beats"

PP Music

PP Music is a 21st century music company that specialises in providing cutting edge music for TV, Film, Videogames and Advertising. PP Music provides a wide and consistent stream of fresh, uncompromising music, ranging from orchestral to dance electro music.

Recent credits include :

Movies : Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Valkyrie, Star Trek X1, Transformers 2, Donkey Punch, Drag Me To Hell, The Unborn, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Uninvited, Diary of the Dead, Vantage, The Eye, Lions for Lambs.

Videogames : Spiderman "Web of Shadow : Against ", Narnia, The Darkness, Prizefighter, Wadden NFL, World Rally.

TV series : New Amsterdam, Ugly Betty, Criminal Minds, Everybody Hate Chris, The Closer.

Sauce Music

Whilst the rest of the world is becoming digital, Sauce Music still love physical objects to look at and hold. This is why Sauce Music decided to add value back to the good old CD by incorporating art into their packaging and making the CDs limited edition.

Sauce Music also makes limited edition artwork prints, signed and numbered by the artist. Sauce Music proudly supplies the highest quality music, from international hit songwriters/ producers to exciting new artists and established TV/ film composers.

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